If you have always dreamed of Home Ownership but your credit score is holding you back, you have come to the right place. A low credit score can even hold you back from renting a home. Take control of your financial future and learn how to optimize & repair your credit with the free tips below!



  • Aim for 3 positive tradelines on your credit. These can be auto loans, credit cards, lines of credit, active student loans, personal loans, mortgage or rental payments. Positive is defined as balances of less than 30% of the credit limit for credit cards & lines of credit. On-time payments! The longer the account is active and in good standing the better your credit will become.
  • If you have trouble qualifying for a credit card or line of credit because of low or no credit score, sign up for a secured credit card. I have partnered with United Credit Education Services (UCES) to provide my clients with solutions to all of your personal credit & financial needs. Visit www.creditrepairrealtor.com, click on products, click on Secure Card.
  • Get your good rental history added to your credit report for another positive tradeline for free! You have the ability to backdate this up to 2 years. www.renttrack.com.
  • Add self-reported utilities to your credit report. www.experian.com/boost
  • Keep or Pay down credit cards to 30% or less of the credit limit. Example, if you have a $1,000 credit limit, do not go over a balance of $300 on that card.
  • Keep credit cards & lines of credit open even if they are paid off
  • If you have good credit but your spouse has bad or no credit, add him/her as an authorized user on all of your credit accounts. This will cause your positive trade-line to be reported on your spouse’s credit reports as well which will increase their score.
  • If you have collections on your credit: 6 years or older, do not pay off or dispute, after 7 years they will be removed from your credit report automatically. If they are less than 6 years old dispute them. You can have them disputed professionally with the UCES protection plan. DO NOT pay them off until all attempts to dispute have failed (we recommend 3 rounds of disputes before you resort to paying them off). When you pay off a collection that is older your score will decrease. The older the collection, the less impact it has on your score. Once you pay it off it is updated and the recent activity on the negative account causes your score to drop. A paid collection is still a negative item on your report!
  • Dispute all negative items including late payments, collections (paid or unpaid), charge-offs, repo’s, inquiries, etc on your own or with the UCES protection plan.
  • Avoid future collections & late payments! If you get a letter saying an account is about to go into collections, call the creditor and work out a payment plan so you can avoid future collections. Creditors can only report a payment as late if it is 30 days past due or more.
  • I offer free credit evaluations to all of my clients. Contact me today for your customized blueprint